About Me

A self-described book addict, I also happen to be a Librarian (MLIS).  This means I not only get to order books for the library, but I have a great excuse to read a lot!  I read a lot of YA books, since I purchase in that area, but I also read across the board (I purchase in both fiction and nonfiction, as well).   

Fluidity of Time was started because I wanted to share my thoughts on books I was reading.  So, I set up this blog to give honest reviews, as well as connect with other like-minded bloggers (which has been wonderful, needless to say).   The only drawback to the whole thing is that my TBR list just grows and grows.....   

You won't find pictures of me on this blog.  Ever.  Never.  Neverever.  I hate being photographed.  However, I do like to photograph things other than myself, so I just might pop up a picture of one of my bunnies, or a interesting cemetery photo here and there. 

To reach me via email, it's: LiquidityofTime@gmail.com.   Thanks!    - Jen
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