What is a Poppet, anyway?

If you visit this blog on Wednesdays, you'll usually find a "Wordless Wednesday" post ... and often, that photo has a poppet in it.   You may then be wondering, what is this poppet thing anyway?   Even if you click on the button further on down on the right-hand side of the page, you might want to know more.

So.  Poppets are these small creations from artist Lisa Snellings.   Her Etsy shop is called Strange Studios, and you can find poppets there, and you can also read about how they came about on this link here.    She has a blog, as well.   There is also a wonderful group of photos on Flickr, called "Poppets on Tour", which is constantly being added to.

Why do I like poppets?   I think part of what I enjoy about them is that they are fairly simple, but at the same time, quite expressive.   I also like the fanciful idea of imagining seeing the world through their eyes --- and that's why I enjoy taking photos with poppets.   The plain red poppet is a little over 2 inches tall --- so you can imagine how large the world must seem to it.  My husband I own several poppets, although this plain red one seems to show up in the most photos.  The poppet's size makes it ideal to slip into my pocket or bag, along with my camera, when I'm traveling -- and my little red poppet has been to many places, including my trip to Italy.  While I like photographing them in nature, you never know where they'll show up!

I have found that imagining seeing things as a poppet has broadened the boundaries of my own creativity .... so perhaps my photos have encouraged you, too, to see the world with a fresh perspective.


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