Sunday, May 2, 2010

Winner !!!!!

Congrats, Chelle!   I'll be sending you an email shortly so I can get your address and get your package sent to you.    And thanks to everyone who left a little comment --- and who read my blog!!!!    

I'm at 49 now, so maybe when I pass 50, I'll put together another giveaway.   :)


Chelle said...

Yay! Thanks! That bunny is cute. The bunnies around here have eaten all my tulips. =( But I like the one in the picture.

Jen said...

Bunnies can be naughty, for sure -- I have 4 of them in my own house. :)

Went to the post office today and sent your package. :)

Chelle said...

Great, thanks! Wow, four bunnies. I have one kitty, Max, and she's a handful.

Ranee said...

That bunny picture is so cute! Makes me almost tell my hubby to not shoot the ones who ate my beautiful blueberry bushes down to a stump. UGH! Wild buns...NO! But cute fuzzy wuzzy domestic ones..YES! I so want another one. I keep telling myself to hold off until the kids are a little older & can take care of it. My son loves all things fuzzy. Don't want a Lenny moment though. :) But anyway- I do love the bunny picture.

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