Monday, February 7, 2011

And what is all this "Random Magic" stuff anyway ????

If you read the last post, about aphrodisiacs, you might already know what Random Magic is.  If you didn't read the post, and are hoping for a salacious dissent into the qualities of bananas.... you're in for a disappointment.  However, if you would like to know about such things as chocolate and chilis, take a look.

But .... if you aren't quite sure of the what and why, this might help.  Random Magic is a book that was created by Sasha Soren, a magical being if there ever was one.    It's like nothing you have ever read, although parts of it might be slightly like something you may have read.....   I wrote about, myself, here and here.

I digress.   There's a lovely book trailer, which I would encourage you to spend a moment watching.     If you're inclined to treat yourself to this treat, you may find the book here.

And, if you are so inclined, there is a most magical and fun Vive L'Amour tour happening right now, complete with a Queen of Hearts game (and the game is afoot, to be sure!)   Curious?   This link tells you the standings..... so you may gather your wits about you and gather your own hearts, as well......


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