Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Magic Pirates -- 2 posts have been lost.....

Just a heads up to everyone --- Blogger has still not restored the posts that I put up on Thursday, and which took me about an hour to put together.   Right now, I am hoping that Blogger restores them, so I don't have to spend even more time trying to recreate them.

If the posts are not up by Monday, I will attempt to re-create and re-post them, so that anyone who commented (thus putting in entries for the giveaway) can re-comment.    And speaking of commenting, no word from Blogger as to what's happening and when (or if) things will be restored.   

why yes, I am actually kind of grumpy right now.....
Keep your fingers crossed, please!!! 


Laurie said...

Hey there, Jo.
Glad you're back! Blogger restored my Thurs. post (sans comments) late yesterday afternoon (Pacific time). Hope yours comes back quickly as well.
Poetry Hop on Sunday at What She Read; I hope you'll hop with us this week!

gabrielreads said...

My posts came back as well, but the comments were, alas, gone. I'm sure things will straighten themselves out. It's just dumb that they haven't told us anything about what happened.

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