Sunday, May 29, 2011

RMT - Sea Wolves Reading Circle

Ahoy, matey! Here be a treasure chest of great piratey reads, plucked from shelves by a scandalous crew from near and far.

Welcome to the Sea Wolves Reading Circle -- one of the last days on the Random Magic Tour: Pirates!  In case this is your first time seeing a post for this tour, and you'd like the full schedule, please visitthis link for all the info.     And please oh please don't forget all the Rum and Plunder!!!   Rum and Plunder runs through May 30, so there's still time for that, too!

Who's joining us?  
This Miss Loves To Read
 Twitter: @MissIrenne

What Book Is That?
Twitter: @heynocupcake

Cerebrate’s Contemplations

My Love Affair With Books
   Twitter: @Misha_1989

vvb32 Reads
Twitter: @vvb32reads

Willowdust Reviews - Tina’s Book Reviews
   Twitter: @BooksAtTinas

   Twitter: @LiederMadchen

The Diary of a Bookworm
Twitter: N/A

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Bonus! Classic pirate read: Tales of Daring and Danger by G.A. Henty  
Read this book online:   or Download a copy to read later .....
     from this book, illustrated by the author

And please don't forget a bit of Random Magic -- an adventure tale full of magic and love.    Admittedly, I still love my original posts about this book, so if you're curious, and have a few moments and would like to know more about the world of Random Magic, please visit here and here.

Thank you for visiting today, and please stop by my companions on this tour!!


Unknown said...

I am glad to see that someone else enjoys G.A. Henty!

Unknown said...

Ouuuu I will definitely check out Tales of Daring and Danger! Thank you for sharing and great post!

Misha said...

Thanks for the link! I downloaded it.

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