Sunday, July 10, 2011

Changes on the way.........

Just a heads up ......   after about 2 years of blogging, I'm getting ready to celebrate a bit with some giveaways (stay tuned .... ).   However, I realized I need to make some improvements, as well.

Now that I have reached 270 followers (thank you !) will be following everyone back (making sure that I'm actually doing this and paying more attention than I have been).   As soon as I can get the followers to load back on my blog, I'll be giving this attention.

And .... I'm going to get myself on a schedule.  So, starting immediately, I plan on having posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (for the Bookie Brunch).   I have been guilty of being lazy.... of feeling uninspired.... and letting myself get in a rut.   So -- I am going to try a schedule to keep myself on track.   

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and inspires me to get my butt in gear.   :)

Metamorphosis by Sheila Wolk


BookQuoter said...

Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary, and good luck on the upcoming changes. Yes, I do enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

barmybex said...

congrats on the anniversary and followers. keep up the good work. :D

Jo K said...

Congratulations for 2 years of blogging! I will have pay more attention to my followers, too.

Laurie @ What She Read said...

Yes, congratulations on this milestone, and I'm looking forward to whatever changes you're moved to make in anticipation of the next two years, and many more, to come.
What's Bookie Brunch?
Looking forward to seeing you again sometime for the Poem in Your Post blog hop too!

Marcie said...

Congrats on your two years of blogging! I know how it feels to get in a rut with blogging but I'm glad you're still around. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on two years!
Schedules are good. I like to have a daily schedule of what and when I'm going to do things. Keeps my depression in check.
I haven't been blogging much lately due to things in real life. Maybe I'll get myself on a schedule for that too.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your achievement! Looking forward to more activity. :) The schedule is actually a really good idea... I may have to try out something like that!

--Rachel @ Untouchable Treasure

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