Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BBAW --- a bit of appreciation for everyone involved

Considering my blog turns two in September, I thought it was appropriate to put up a short post about Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which is an annual celebration of book blogs.    I read a lot of blogs, and I do appreciate all the hard work that people put into their blogs, so I plan to do some appreciating during that week.   I also plan on appreciating all the people who are nice enough to read my blog, so I have giveaways planned in September, as well.   More on that soon......

If you want to know more about BBAW, here's what it's all about, straight from the main siteBook Blogger Appreciation Week is an annual celebration of book blogs. It’s a jam packed week dedicated to acknowledging the hard work and contribution of book bloggers to preserving our culture of literacy. This year’s celebration takes place September 12-September 16th. The week includes guest posts, daily activities, giveaways, games, special podcasts, and an awards program exclusively devoted to book blogs.

Pretty cool, eh?  I think so, so I plan on registering and voting for some blogs!     If you'd like to see the various categories, they're all here.


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