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Trick or Treat Blog Hop --- it's all about the candy (?)

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In the meantime, let's have some treats for Halloween. Just click on the badges at the end of the post, for a new treat!

Here's a treat from me at FluidityofTime:

To celebrate the first day of the Trick or Treat Blog Hop, I thought I'd focus on candy.  Halloween candy, of course!!    When I was a kid, I always sorted my candy at the end of Halloween night into the "good" pile and the "yuck" pile.  The "yuck" pile was always good for trading stuff with my best friend, or leaving for my parents to nibble on (yes, Mom would sequester the candy after Halloween and dole it out in my lunch, a piece at a time).   So, in honor of that, I present:   The Top Five Good kinds of Halloween candy ..... and the Top Five "Yuck" kinds of candy!

Top Five Good kinds of Halloween candy:

1)  The trinity of awesomeness:  Milky Way, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers.   Any of these were a winner.  Extra happy bonus points if a house happened to be giving away full-size bars.  This almost never happened, but my friends and I would always hoped to come across one of these houses (this kind of Halloween candy-giver was almost an urban legend, but I did know kids who were lucky enough to get full-size bars on occasion).
2)  Mounds bars.   I love dark chocolate -- and while the somewhat odd texture of coconut would occasionally get to me, I always loved these.  Almond Joys?  Not the same.
3) M&Ms.  Plain or peanut -- you could never go wrong with a bag of these, especially since you could spend time once you had opened the bag, sorting them by color.
4) Starburst.  Like M&Ms, these could be sorted by color and eaten accordingly.  Chewy, but not in a teeth-sticking way, eating a handful of these could always be counted on to provide a great sugar rush.
5)  Candy Corn.   Small, but filled with sugar.  Like Starburst, these would also give you a sugar rush if you ate a bunch (and face it: who can eat just one of these little guys?)

Top "Yuck" candy:

1)  Those hard, icky pieces of strange peanut butter taffy.  They were always wrapped in either orange or black waxed paper, and every time I found them in my bag, I wanted to just toss them.  No real flavor, and if you ever did try to get them soft enough to eat, the taffy stuck to your teeth, threatening to pull out a filling!
2)  Good-n-Plenty.  Slick lozenges of too-sweet-on-the-outside and weird on the inside pieces of black licorice.   As an adult, I like black licorice, but as a kid?  Yuck!
3)  Whoppers.  They had a strange, gritty texture and they were milk chocolate (I have always loved dark chocolate). 
4) Sixlets.  Do you remember those?  They were weird, waxy little chocolate balls that looked a bit like a round M&M and tasted totally gross.
5) Milk Duds.  Hated those, and Sugar Daddies, too.  I am not a fan of hard caramels that stick to my teeth.  I always had pretty good check-ups as a kid, but I lived in fear of having to go to the dentist for a filling.   

6) Just because I couldn't leave these off the list:  Dum-Dum lollipops.  Maybe it was just the name, or the fact that all of the flavors had a weird chemical aftertaste to me, but I never liked these.  Tootsie Pops were way more fun, especially since they had that blob of stuff in the middle of them.   Oddly enough, I didn't like Charm Pops either -- the gum was always gritty and too-sweet (and an odd size).
7) JuJuBees and Chuckles.   The former had the texture of pencil erasers, and had no flavor.  The latter were strange: squishy and gritty -- never a good combination.  Both of these were teeth-stickers, too!

Please feel free to weigh in with your feelings on candy, and share your likes and dislikes!    

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This Halloween, my favorite Halloween candy [or treat] is

Take Five
because it's crunch (pretzel and peanuts), gooey (caramel), salty (pretzel) and sweet (caramel and chocolate).
What's yours? Tell us!


Jo K said...

Drooling over the five good candies and not at all on the "yuck" ones:) Thanks for sharing!

Jenni Elyse said...

What a fun blog hop and a fun question. I remember sorting my candy into the good and yuck piles too. Candy corn was always in my yuck pile, though. And, most of your yuck list were on in my good pile, lol.

M.A.D. said...

We must share the same taste in candy lol, I know exactly what you mean by that strange peanut butter candy in the orange/black wrappers *gag*

Anytime, anyplace - MY favorites are Snickers and Reeses :D

AimeeKay said...

OMG! So loving the candy list! My kids are lucky enough that one of their relatives lives on a street with a fabled full-size candy bar giver.

I don't get bags of my own candy to sort anymore (for some reason it's frowned at when the adult with the group of kids has a bag too! Unless they have a baby, then it's ok. Why is that? Obviously the 2 month old ain't gonna eat a snickers!)
But I do get the joy of sorting through my kids stuff for dangerous candy. Out here it's anything not sealed so those God awful orange or black peanut butter things are the first to go! As a bonus the kids usually are kind enough to share some of the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Love your candy list....I hate candy corn but I like all the rest.

Unknown said...

I agree that Good-n-Plentys and Milk Duds are rather awful. I like anything with coconut, mint or peanut butter in it. :)

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