Saturday, January 5, 2013

I've decided on the one book challenge for me for 2013

I tend to hopelessly fail at book challenges.   At the beginning of every year, I'm all enthusiastic, and ready for a new, fresh year of reading, and I feel like I can definitely handle a book challenge .... or two ... or three.     Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Librarian by day; reading super-hero by night

And inevitably, by October, I'm looking at the challenge, and my time left in the year, and know that by the end of December, I'll have to admit defeat.

Even if the challenge sounds like it's completely within reason, I can reach the end of a year without completion.   That happened with the one challenge I signed up for in 2012, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen challenge.   I started out all happy and primed for some good reading .... and I got through a few books, and thought oh yes, the challenge is there and I shall be triumphant!   And ... no, actually .... um, not.

So, I had vowed to stay away from book challenges in 2013.  I would resist the temptation and instead, admit my inability to maintain my momentum and stick with it.   Until I saw the Chunkster Reading Challenge.

This is right up my alley.   In fact, in January, I'll be reading Catherine the Great for a book discussion, and Reamde for another.   These books alone weigh in at 625 pages, and 1044 pages, respectively.  And I had thought seriously about starting George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series (and look at that --- Game of Thrones is 694 pages!).   So.....   I think I can do this one.   And because I can't help myself, I'm aiming big and signing up for this level:   Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big?     oh yes, if you knew the size of my booty, you'd see this was a natural choice on my part.

So, that's it.  One challenge.  One big book challenge for 2013.   Stay tuned for the reviews.  

And if you'd like to learn more, or sign up, please visit the Chunkster Reading Challenge.


Jenni Elyse said...

Awesome challenge! I've always wanted to read a chunkster for a challenge. But, I need to get out of my reading slump first, lol. Good luck with this challenge! :D

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