Thursday, September 12, 2013

TBR jar ---

I've been seeing TBR jars mentioned around the blogosphere -- like here -- and here -- and here.

Managing a TBR (to be read) list is something I've struggled with in the past.   When I started out, I typed books into a spreadsheet I mean, it seemed like a smart idea: easy to do, easy to organize, easy to sort, etc.

And then ..... it grew out of control.   Soon, it was past 100 books.  Then, 200 books.  And somehow, it wasn't fun ... it was scary.  And overwhelming.

You might be wondering how the list got so huge.  Well, since I'm a librarian, and I purchase books for my library, I'm always reading journals, and book reviews.  And blogs.  So, I come across descriptions of good-sounding books all the time.   It's pretty easy to have your TBR list get out of control as a result.

So, back to the spreadsheet.  I deleted it.  Cold turkey.   I figured there was no way I'd get to all those books, especially since every time I opened the spreadsheet, I felt like hyperventilating.

When I saw the ideas for a jar, I thought I could make this work.  After all, it might get full, but it would only make it more attractive.   So, I grabbed an antique jar I had, and some slips of colored paper ---- and now, voila!  TBR jar!     I'm thinking that my bag of library books will dwindle by the end of next week, which will give me the perfect opportunity to dip into the jar.


Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Fun idea! :) Danica

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