Friday, January 8, 2010

Cover temptation.....

After seeing this, I'm thinking I could do a weekly posting about how tempting a book cover can make a book.   I have no idea what this is really about, but I want it.  The fact that I'm apparently going to have to wait a while isn't a deterrent (although it makes me a little cranky).      So what's so appealing about it?  Let's start with the sentences at the top: "There is a box.  Inside that box is a door...and beyond that door is a whole world."    Definitely food for thought --- doors (usually) ask to be opened.   What's behind it?  Is it scary?  Is it soft? (ok... perhaps I'm thinking a little too Monsters.Inc-ish here...).    But seriously, just this little description sets my imagination going off into all kinds of explorations.    Maybe waiting a long time to read this book won't be so bad, because I can imagine all the things that might be in store for me when I read it.

   Then, there's the picture: simple, with some grace and style.   A moth.   And one red window.   What's up the red window?  Who knows!  But, again, my imagination can conjure up all sorts of things for me.   

So, starting the new year off with some longings......           More info here at this link over at Angry Robot Books.


Anonymous said...

I came by to say thanks for coming by my own blog. Glad you like the rabbits. And so I scrolled down and saw that book up there and nearly fell over because at first glance it seemed like the book I'd written and was trying to find an agent for. I had one of those slight irrational, insecure writer attacks. But I'm over it, and it looks great.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. And you have a few other things here to check out--just as long as they don't scare me.

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