Thursday, April 29, 2010

Challenge Catch-up

I've been meaning to post about how I've been making my way through the challenges that I signed up for.....  and have finally gathered my thoughts!   So far, I've made a little headway, but realized I need to step it up a little.   And from now on, I think I'll note which challenge for which book when I post originally, instead of playing catch-up!   :)

Flashback Challenge:  I have read one from each category ---
1. Re-read a favorite book from your childhood -- The Moon Ribbon by Jane Yolen
2. Re-read a book assigned to you in high school -- The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
3. Re-read a book you loved as an adult -- The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood

Chunkster Challenge:  I have been able to read one so far, but have a few more planned.   Shalador's Lady by Anne Bishop, weighing in at 476 pages (fulfilling the challenge of reading a book of 450 pages or more).    I chose the category of "Do These Books Make My Butt Look Big?" to commit to 4 of them.    (yikes!)

2010 Reading Challenge at Bart's Bookshelf:  it's to read 2 books from a number of categories, and I realized I have read two from the first category (Young Adult):  This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeiffer and Bad Apple by Laura Ruby  and one from the second category of T.B.R. - Busy Woman Seeks Wife

Whew!   Now that I've done this, I realized I need a better system... so that's on my to-do list today.   :)



Aarti said...

Congratulations on completing the Flashback Challege! I am hoping to read six books again this year, and so far I've finished three. That's not too bad, right? :-)

The chunkster challenge is one I tried before and somehow NEVER wanted to read ANY of the chunksters I put on my list! Though I read other ones- just couldn't motivate myself about those for whatever reason.

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