Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coming Soon .... RM Pirates tour!!

Just when you think life is progressing along smoothly, pirates appear.   And then there's no telling what may happen next.


Keep your eyes and ears open for the Random Magic Pirates Tour ---- from May 10-30, 2011, it will be a whirlwind of features, photo galleries, music, books, and goodies galore!!     You remember, Random Magic, yes?   The delightful book that's chock-full of magic and adventure?!    And what says adventure more than pirates?   Well, actually, I suppose you could think of all sorts of things that are adventurous, but in May, we're focusing on pirates.....

So stay tuned for more information as we draw closer to May.  I'm already crafting and polishing my bit (focusing on lady pirates .... and pirate lore and superstitions)    In the meantime, please enjoy this little bit from the book: 

He shimmied awkwardly up the mast and extended the spyglass. He held
it up against his eye, impatient to find the other ship. Egh. Dust. He rubbed the dust off on his sleeve, and looked through the lens again.
White. White. Where was it? He scanned the water. Aha. There. If he squinted, he could just make out the ship's flag. Black and white. A cricket bat -- no, two. No, maybe swords. Two crossed swords and a giant...apple...no. A skull. A skull and...
He dropped the spyglass.
A skull and crossbones.Pirates.
He scrambled down the rigging backwards, and ran back across the deck.
"Winnie," he yelled, shouting down to her from the top of the

you never know where a pirate map may lead you....


vvb32 reads said...

ooo, exciting! looking forward to joining you matey for this latest rmt adventure ;-D

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