Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giveaway !!!!

I realized the other day that I have 46 followers on this blog.  Now, that might not seem like a lot -- especially compared to some blogs who have 300+ followers, but I'm grateful that anyone reads what I'm writing about here.   :)

So, in honor of Spring, and the number 46 ( a nice, even number), I've decided to give away a few books!   No real rules necessary --- I don't need you to post about this on your blog, tweet, wave a banner in the air....   just maybe leave me a little comment to say hi.   Isn't that easy?    Today's Thursday, so I'll leave this open until Sunday and use a randomizer to pick the winner.

In the package so far......  a copy of Ironside, a Modern Faery's Tale by Holly Black and an ARC of Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley, along with some nice bookmarks.   And, I might just add in another book or two by Sunday !!!   

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Kirthi said...

Oh my gosh, I really want to read Violet Wings! I'm so happy that you have 46, next thing you know, it'll be 100, and then 200 then, well you know...

I know you said that didn't want me to post this anywhere, but I just HAD to (on my sidebar:

You have a beautiful blog, keep blogging!


Amanda Makepeace said...

Wonderful! Congrats on 46 followers! I personally think you should have a lot more followers. Your blog is one of those I check everyday, just so I don't miss something. :)

Wicked Walker said...

Congrats on 46! It is a milestone, don't kid yourself! I have been dying to read Violet Wings! I have heard good things!


Katelyn said...

Thanks so much for the contest! I'm a regular reader and always appreciate the reviews and posts you put up!

Email Address:

The Library Lurker said...

Congrats on 46! When I hit 75 I'm going to have a giveaway :)

Jessica N. said...

Congrats on 46! I just started out too and hit 30 yesterday and did a happy dance! I know how you feel :). Great giveaway too! Ironside is on my list of books to read!

A Fanatics Book Blog

Chelle said...

Ironside looks interesting. I hope I win! chellebcool at hotmail dot com

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

"in honor of Spring, and the number 46" OMG, I had a Sesame Street moment here THE NUMBER 46. Ignore me--Congratulations! on hitting 46 and having what I consider the ideal job. A librarian! I read your review on the Iron King and when you said you snapped it up as soon as it came in--yeap that's my idea of an ideal job. They'd probably find me in a back corner with a book every day.

I'm a follower on GFC and have enjoyed many of your reviews. Thanks for the contest.
A question I've meant to ask, your header-A real graveyard in your area?

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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