Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new idea for September.....

I've apparently fallen into the somewhat sticky morass of ..... uninspired reading.    I had whipped my way through Hunger Games, surged through Catching Fire, and then gulped down Mockingjay (in one day, would you believe)*.   Caught my breath and then... became uninspired by what else I had in my library bag.   Oh sure, I had books, but none of them seemed to quite fit was I was feeling like reading.

But I came across something today that caught my attention -- and even though it's for kids aged 7-13, I said to myself, what the hell?   and who cares if I'm not 13 anymore, anyway?    

The folks over at Penguin have announced that September is Roald Dahl Month and they have a reading challenge (for the age group mentioned above).    I've always enjoyed Roald Dahl's books, and own several of them, so I thought this might be what I need to get my reading jump-started again.     I had also planned on reading a book or two on the "banned" list, so that should make for an interesting mix.     

Stay tuned for Roald Dahl in the days to come!!

*  and yes, I did completely love Mockingjay and couldn't even talk about it for a day or so after I finished it because I just had to digest it.  


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Ooooh I look forward to your Dahl as a kid :)

BookQuoter said...

I have only read James and the giant peach and loved it. I have to read Matilda next!!

I noticed you loved Mockingjay, hurray!!! I noticed that it is becoming one of those love or hate book!!

Amanda Makepeace said...

Sounds like fun!! My daughter went through a Roald Dahl phase when we lived in the UK. Good luck with your challenge!

Red said...

I'm looking forward to your Dahl posts! I love Roald Dahl, both his children's and adult works.

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