Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bookie Brunch -- with a giveaway!!!!!

Welcome to this week's edition of Bookie Brunch!!   Bookie Brunch is a weekly meet-up, held every Sunday, where bloggers can have a virtual beverage of choice and chat about a particular bookie topic of interest.   The discussion is open from Sunday through Wednesday and you're welcome to drop by at any time to add in your opinion, or read what other people have to say.   The discussion is open as well to general readers or bloggers in a different field, authors, publishers and publicists.

This Brunch, my guests are: Melody from Book and Music Lover, Stevie , Amanda from Geeky Fairy Tales, and Sarah Olivia from The Book Bunny. I'm sorry, but as of the time when I'm finishing up this post, we're waiting on a few guests --- so stay tuned for updates.

Our discussion question is:  If you could invite three authors to dinner, who would be on your guest list, and why?

Courtesy guidelines: Thank you for coming!  All thoughtful comments will be considered and probably get a response from fellow bloggers.  In fact, you’re encouraged to talk and share viewpoints or include links to relevant materials.    We’d like everyone to have a nice time.  Differing viewpoints are just fine, even if strongly expressed, but inflammatory or off-topic comments will be removed.  

So, let’s begin the Brunch, shall we?    I always forget to ask people what they’d like to have as their virtual drink, so I suppose I’ll just pass around a nice pot of hot cocoa today.  Extra marshmallows to anyone who wants them.    

Sarah had her answer for me right away:  
 Wow, such an easy yet hard question at the same time. I must warn you though, throughout my answer I may fangirl and gush over characters/authors exc. I'll start off with YA and then do my Adult author. First I would love to meet and have dinner with Scott Westerfeld the author of the Uglies series as well as the Midnighters series, exc. I would talk about the books his favorite foods, who and who inspire him, and the list would go on. I would have tons of fangirl moments if I could have dinner with him. Believe me. I would choose Scott Westerfeld because the Uglies series is what really got me into reading and as I said before I would love to talk about the books and characters and everything to do with Uglies, and even his other series. (I've read everything but Leviathan) To have dinner with him would be such a wonderful experience.
The second author I would love to have dinner with would be Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series. I would have so much fun talking with her about all the exciting twists and turns in the Vampire Academy series and all the relationships between the characters. Just I love this YA vampire series. I would also have way too much fun gushing about Dimitri. And I still remember going through the series (while they were still being released) and having to wait for the next one. And not wanting to finish it because I would have to wait for the next one and also wanting to finish it so badly so I could know what happened. It's amazing that I still remember that much about it and would love to just be able to talk to her and eat good food.

Last and certainly not least, my Adult author. Stephen King. Need I say more? A man who I swear, has a never-ending imagination. To write so many books, so many good books is amazing. I honestly would probably meet him and not be able to say anything. Haha lame I know but I get that way sometimes. But don't we all? If I met him and had dinner I would love to talk about all his different books, what inspires him, and talk about his many books and all the characters he has created.

To meet these three authors, at all would be amazing. I would have such a gush fest it would not even be funny.
I would like to thank Sasha Soren and Jo for inviting me to be a guest blogger.  And now I'm off to daydream about this fairytale dinner.

Sounds like it would be an interesting dinner, for sure!!!!

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I took a bit of time thinking about who I would invite to dinner --- and I am glad that this is one of those hypothetical situations, because if I was ever in the presence of any of these authors, especially at the dinner table, I would most likely be so awestruck that I’d just sit there quivering.

My first choice would be Ray Bradbury.   He’s been writing for such a long time, and has written some of my favorite stories, that I think he’d make a fascinating dinner guest.   Something Wicked This Way Comes is one of my all-time favorite books, and I just love savoring it every time I read it.   I’m sure Mr. Bradbury would have some great things to share over dinner.

My second guest would be Audrey Niffenegger.   You might be familiar with her as the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Night Bookmobile.    I admit that I haven’t read her newest book (but, of course, would do so before I had dinner with her).    I did have the opportunity to hear her speak once, and I found I was just captivated by her.   She’s an interesting person, and I think she’d provide some thought-provoking conversation over dinner.

And last, China Mieville.   I’ve already rhapsodized plenty about this author on this blog.  I am a HUGE fan of this man and his work ---- and I think that he’d be the perfect guest for dinner.   He’s extremely intelligent, and has a great sense of humor --- and he’s fascinating to listen to.   I was fortunate enough to meet him earlier this year, and while I was completely awestruck in his presence (yes, completely …. I froze), it was really something to hear him speak.    Again, I’m glad this is a hypothetical dinner, because I seriously don’t know what I’d do with him at the dinner table.   

I believe he just may be perfect.   Yes.
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Stevie , aka SableCaught, has had a chance to join in, and since she's a vlogger, you may listen to her choices:

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Brunch is now in full swing ---- so your comments and thoughts are welcome!!!!!

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GIVEAWAY DETAILS:     A lovely prize pack: Multi-title DVD, angel book, blank journals and a tote!     Courtesy of me, I have a lovely embossed blank journal (sorry, no picture on that one), and a lovely book about Guardian Angels.  It’s actually a book with three sets of angel cards to go with it (kind of like a tarot of angels).    I’ll also be including some chocolate and other goodies to go with what Sasha is offering ------

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I never seem to be able to get the YouTube embedded properly and working, so I’m doing what I know will always work:   a LINK.   Shown here is the Trailer, A Star is Born (original film, 1937, Technicolor).  This technicolor romantic drama stars Janet Gaynor as an aspiring Hollywood actress, and Fredric March as an aging movie star who helps to launch her career. Original film, not a remake.   (More)

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Tricia J. O'Brien said...

If you guys ever book this dinner party I want an invite. :) What fascinating conversation these six people would have, I've no doubt about that.

M.A.D. said...

Wonderful brunch! Personally, I'd be thrilled to enjoy the company of Ray Bradbury - in my estimation the man is a literary icon. His *Homecoming* stories are some of my favorites, and of course - Fahrenheit 451 is a classic. I'd be curious to learn just how many of his works have been turned into cinema?

You mentioned Audrey Niffenegger - I happily have a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife languishing on my bedroom bookshelf [been saving that baby for a dreary winter day] and now I'm even MORE tempted to dig in lol

So many great choices, but here's one I'd like to add - *along with a thimble full of Amaretto in my hot chocolate* - is Orson Scott Card. I'm such a fan of his famous Ender's series.

This has been both interesting & fun :)
Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]
zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

the book bunny said... virtual drink would be peppermint hot chocolate. Mmm...I really want some now. Haha yes, so many amazing authors. This is a good question and I definitely have no doubts about my author choices. The other authors are good choices as well. =]

Jen said...

I just took a moment to listen to Stevie's choices -- I definitely think we'd have some interesting dinner parties going on here! And imagine if we combined all of our guests!

Thanks, everyone, who has commented -- and keep the comments coming!

Unknown said...

"pours a dollop of eggnog in her coffee*

This is an evil question! Other than the authors I have e-mailed with, all of whom I wish I could meet in person, I would have to go with: Cassandra Clare because her books were the first to put me into a "fangirly" mood which is a lot of fun since I'm not normally a fangirl. :) Patricia C. Wrede because her books have made me laugh since I was small and still do now that I am older and have read them a thousand times. Last but not least would be either Gail Carriger and Gini Koch. Sorry, couldn't leave it at three. :P Both ladies have an insane yet similar sense of humor despite their different genres and I would love to talk with them together.

Stevie aka SableCaught said...

Ooooh, you know what? I found out just after I left Warwick that apparently China Melville was a creative writing lecturer there! I never saw him, I'll say that. Astounded how close I was without even knowing it!

Unknown said...

The discussion is open as well to general readers or bloggers in a different field, authors, publishers and publicists. Extra Bookie

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