Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interview with author MJ Fletcher

Author MJ Fletcher (The Doorknob Society series) was kind enough to give me an interview, so without further adieu ......

* I read your guest post on Pure Textuality (I'll include that link), where you mention that you were frustrated by female characters in the books your daughter was reading.  I know I sometimes get frustrated by characters who are pretty, and sexy, and smart, and perfect ....  but what were some of your frustrations?

I think what frustrated me most about female characters is that they always took their lead from someone else. My daughter is very independent and I wanted a character who reflected that. They also have a tendency to be the most beautiful and almost nearly perfect. Chloe, the main character of The Doorknob Society Saga is a someone who has serious doubts about herself and how she handles things. What she doesn't realize is that she is a natural born leader. That is part of her journey of discovery.

* I saw on your page that the Doorknob Society series is to be five books.  Do you have the storylines already planned out?

Yes, I am just about finished with Book 4 only a few pages to go and then onto Book 5. The Saga has been planned out from the beginning with several clues left in each book. Once it is all complete I think quite a few people will go back through and see all the breadcrumbs I left leading to the finale.

I’ll be happy to wrap up the series but that doesn't mean we will never see the characters again. I do have an idea for a second series and the foundation for it has already been laid down in these books.

* I read in your bio that you wrote a comic for the Hero Initiative --- how did you get involved with that group?   

The Hero Initiative is a wonderful organization that helps comic book creators who are down on their luck or have hit hard times. I always loved comic books and when I was writing my comic book series; Adam Zero: the Last Man of Earth I met some great creators. The editor of the charity book they were putting together asked me to contribute and I was more then happy too.

* Are you doing any comic book work now?

As a matter of fact The Doorknob Society will be appearing in comic book form in issue 7 of Digital Webbing Presents. Chloe, Slade, and even Nightshade make an appearance. I’m also still working on Adam Zero, we have new issues in the works as well as the webcomic over at adamzero.com

I am also working on a graphic novel of The Doorknob Society with the uber talented Wendell Cavalcanti. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

*  Any favorite comic books / comic book creators you'd like to give a shout-out to?

I’m really enjoying the new Scarlet Spider comic by Christopher Yost. Valiant comics new XO Manowar. I also like SIlver Bullet by Brett Wood, Los Luchadores Mysteriosis by Evan Quiring and there are a bunch of people who inspire me in comics; Rich Woodall, Jamie Gambell, Eric Dotson, and Diana Greenhalgh.

* Who are some of your favorite authors right now?

I have so many. I’m currently rereading a lot of Sherlock Holmes, but I’m also enjoying Cherie Priest, Alison DeLuca, and Elise Stokes.

Thanks very much, MJ!   You may read all about MJ Fletcher, and his books, at his site.  You can click on this link to learn more about the Hero Initiative.

And, I'm including two more links:  a guest post by the author on Pure Textuality, and an interview with the author on Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts.   Definitely check these out!


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Thanks so much for the interview I enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on book 2.

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