Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's official !

This doesn't have to do with books, but every so often, I like to throw something different onto this blog ---

I share my house with my husband and four bunnies.  All of our bunnies have come from House Rabbit (we have a long history with them) and we finalized Pixie's adoption today.   We've actually had her since late July, 2009, but it's taken a long time for her to bond with McManus.   However, I'm just too fond of her to keep her in foster status, so we filled out her adoption contract today.   Now, she's officially ours!   She's the one on the right side in this photo (McManus is the one on the left).  


Ranee said...

Yay! I miss having a bun! We got a pooch instead. Maybe once the kids get older and can take care of one. I'm afraid they would sqeeze it. We call Dean "Lenny" because he likes kitties and he hugs them a little too hard. :)

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