Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marvelously Slothful

I treated myself this weekend to some uninterrupted reading (ok, I put in 2 loads of laundry -- but that doesn't really count).   I had taken a day off of work to use up some extra time, so I was able to whip through the usual housework, and then kick back in our library at home, and settle in with some nice re-reading.   Today, I spent more time reading than I thought I would because I was trying to keep the house quiet (husband wasn't feeling too well), and it just felt so decadent to sit and do nothing but read.  I have to admit, I don't always treat myself to just sitting in the chair with a drink and a soft throw and a good book -- it feels like I'm on vacation when I do, and I always feel a tiny bit slothful and wicked......

This weekend, I re-read Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride, Ann Packer's The Dive from Clausen Pier, and Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams.   There's just something restful and comforting to sometimes re-read a book; I know what's going to happen, so I feel it's ok to sometimes skim to favorite parts (this sometimes feels slightly naughty, as well).   It's also nice to just re-visit a favorite story, or favorite character -- it's like talking to an old friend you only see every few months.   I happened to pick up Clausen Pier because I just wanted something to read before bed, and wound up remembering how much I liked parts of it (not really the main character, but I do enjoy the descriptions of sewing - something I have no idea how to do).   Animal Dreams was my Sunday reading -- it's a rainy, grey day here, and I felt like I needed a little Arizona.   Plus, I really like this book - it's another one that I've read many times over.

Tomorrow, it's back to the real world -- but the past few days of reading have been just the break I needed.


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