Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a little thought to share about Easter .... and rabbits.....

I feel I'm obligated to post a little something about rabbits and Easter.   Everyone knows rabbits and Easter don't mix, right?   Right!!???         Every year, thousands of rabbits are abandoned to shelters because people buy them for their kids for Easter, not realizing that they are a real commitment, and they don't really know how to take care of them.

Take it from me -- I share my house with four rabbits, and at times, it's like having four toddlers in the house.  I love them.  But I would never, never, never recommend a rabbit as a pet for a child.   Rabbits are very cute, and very soft --- but most often, they don't enjoy being held, hate being picked up, and they can get very frightened and unhappy if someone tries to handle them.    And don't get me started on cages ---- suffice to say, Nature designed the rabbit to run.   Having a rabbit stay in a cage is like a person who is living in their bathroom.  Literally.

ok -- rant done.   But if anyone would like more information, here's a PDF of a flyer from House Rabbit Society about rabbits and Easter.  Pass the word, please!!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, I promise....    :)


Amanda Makepeace said...

That is so sad! I had no idea so many rabbits are abandoned every year. I use to know someone who kept rabbits, so I know what it's like and it's the reason I've never committed to getting a rabbit. They are wonderful creatures, but a lot of work.

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